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The Blog Days of Summer

Yes, I’m still here.. or the blog is. I’m waiting on a couple of interview submissions to some LPC nominees/candidates that have gotten delayed… and I’m waiting on writing another blogpost for a nomination race – hopefully the end of this week.

To be honest, I can’t wait until Parliament resumes.. as there will be much more juicy material to write on. Municipal elections also come up in October- and while I don’t write on them often, I’ve reason to this time.. I’ve already mentioned I’ve endorsed a couple of candidates for Toronto city council (Dan Fox in Ward 24 and Kate Holloway in Ward 20) and I’m watching with interest at London’s mayor and city council race. One of my fellow Liberal bloggers (now former, I think) is Jesse Helmer, who’s running for a council seat there (Ward 4 I believe)

I’ll mention that with regards to the LPCO positions, Tyler Banham has been acclaimed as the new President of the organization (and I’ve already told him it was obvious his interview with me is what put him over the top and convinced everyone he was the guy – congrats 😉 ) but Jeff Jedras has some competition for the VP Comms position, and a little competition never hurt anyone.. so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure yet if Brandon Sage (running for Vp Organization) has any yet.


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