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Upcoming interviews/campaign news from #LPCO, #Brant, etc

Yes, the blog has turned into a bit of an interview/campaign theme in the last bit, but that’s what happens when Parliament and the Ontario Legislature aren’t in session, and because I don’t wish to touch the Middle East Gaza morass with a 40 foot pole.

So, a couple of things in to mention:

– I will be having interviews upcoming with Kanata-Carleton Liberal nomination candidate Karen McCrimmon, as well as Brandon Sage, who is running to be the LPCO VP of Organization (upcoming meaning as soon as they get their replies to me).

– Staying on the LPCO front, I understand Jeff Jedras is again the lone person running for the VP Communications job (his only competitor dropped out apparently in the past week). THere are still a couple of weeks left for people to file, so he may still get competition, but even as a supporter, I hope people recognize he has the skills for this job. The # of endorsements he has on his page, which has been growing, seems to indicate that.

– Meanwhile, in Brant, my friend Danielle has had a pretty good past week: she had Sheila Gervais, a former National Director of the Liberal Party of Canada endorse her, and she has had 2 of her former blogger compatriots endorse her: Jim Calder of The Progressive Right here, and Kyle Hutton of Blunt Objects here. Danielle is well regarded amongst her former Liberal netroots colleagues, and I am fairly confident you’ll see some more come out and support her/endorse her fairly soon.

In addition, Danielle has put up a Donation Page at her site. If you are in Brant, or if you are a friend of hers, please consider donating to help her out. Any amount is appreciated, even if it’s just 10$ (the equivalent cost of taking out a Liberal membership).


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