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Kate Holloway and Dan Fox for Toronto City Council; more endorsers for Danielle Takacs

A couple of items for you today. I don’t live in Toronto, so you might be wondering why I would endorse folks who are running for Toronto City Council. Quite simply, I’ve known Dan and Kate personally for a long time from their provincial and federal connections, and I count them as friends, so why wouldn’t I?

Dan Fox is who I’ll talk about first; I’ve previously mentioned him, but I’ll mention him again: he is running in Ward 24 against a city councillor who I understand voted for Rob Ford supported agenda items a fair bit. That makes me doubly want to see Dan get elected here. You’ll note from Warren’s nod of support he has a fundraiser coming up next Sunday July 20. I hope it will be well attended.
Kate Holloway is my next person I want to endorse: She has announced at Facebook she will be running in Ward 20. I’ve known Kate for eight years politically. She was an Ontario Liberal Party candidate in 2007 in Trinity-Spadina, and she’s been involved with the Federal Green Party prior to that, so she has a lot of progressive credentials going for her. She currently serves as Executive Director of Element Village, a Toronto-focused energy non-profit dedicated to developing, funding and promoting sustainable community projects. Her web site will be up shortly, as will her Facebook page, but until then, you can follow her on Twitter at @katemholloway – she has a linkedin profile there in her Twitter bios you can also read up on.

Next on the agenda, my friend Danielle Takacs, who as I’ve mentioned prior and as you can see at the sidebar, I’m supporting for the Federal Liberal nomination in Brant, has been rolling out more endorsers the past few days. She got a (video) endorsement from Keith Torrie, the former Young Liberals of Canada National Director. She also picked up a couple of endorsements from the former President and Vice-President of the local Brant Young Liberals – Derek Vollebregt and Alyna Poremba. TOday, she rolled out her newest endorser – Greg Crone. Mr. Crone is the Haldimand-Norfolk Liberal EDA President, and also the VP Communications on the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) Executive Council, and he gives his video endorsement here.

There are more to come ; it should be coming apparent (hopefully to Brant Liberals in particular) that Danielle has a lot of experience working with a lot of different people both federally and locally. She would be well experienced if she were elected MP to deal with folks at the federal and local level. First off though, she has to win the nomination, and I hope Brant Liberals will take these endorsements as a measure of how capable Danielle will be, and how she will make a great candidate.


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  • CD Prince

    Kate Holloway… Nearly 25 years since she rocked up into my life and there’s few out there who could shake Toronto up like the divine Miss K.

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