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Endorsed candidates – news for a #Brant one, and a new LPCO one!

I was very pleased to receive an email from Jeff Jedras – a Liberal blogger compatriot and friend of mine who has long blogged at A BC’er in Toronto, and who has announced he will be seeking the position of vice-president, communications of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario):

I have watched with concern and frustration at the growing disengagement of Canadians with federal politics — a trend encouraged and exploited by the Harper government. I believe we can and must reverse this trend, and it begins with giving Liberal activists across Ontario — you and me — the tools we need to bring our fellow citizens back into the political process.

I have said the following elsewhere, but I’ll repeat it here for the Liberal readers of this blog – I’ve known Jeff for a long time from the social media and blogging world, and if anyone knows communications, it’s Jeff. He would be a perfect and much needed fit for this position. He has my official endorsement, and I’ve added a home-made badge to the sidebar (which I hope he won’t mind). Clicking on the badge will go directly to his campaign website, but it is located here, if you want to do it the old fashioned way.

Speaking of badges and endorsements, you’ll notice a badge for Danielle Takacs over there as well, regarding my support for her to be the nominee for Brant for the LPC, and I wanted to note 2 important things that have happened via her newspage at her website in the past week and a bit: She has her first 2 endorsements up (and there will be more) that I wanted to focus on – first, there is this great endorsement from Ted McMeekin, the MPP for Brant’s neighbour Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale and the current Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
The 2nd endorsement she has posted is from local Brant business owner Rick Esselment, who became a LPC member to be able to support Danielle. While this may not seem as important to some, I can assure you this endorsement is just as important as any Ontario Cabinet Minister or well known Federal Liberal – maybe more important, because it’s from a local Brant Liberal, and all politics is local, as they say. It is folks like these who will help Danielle become the LPC nominee for Brant.

I’ve also said this elsewhere already, but I’ll also repeat it again: I encourage all folks/friends/acquaintances of Danielle in Brant to visit Danielle’s website; talk to her and consider signing up as LPC members with the intention of voting for her at a future LPC nomination meeting to be the LPC candidate in Brant for the 2015 general election.


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  • wendy alderton

    I do appreciate you keeping us so up to date. I look forward to reading more

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