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Some Liberal bits and bites – provincial and federal

– Re-elected Premier Kathleen Wynne will be swearing in her new provincial Cabinet today. One of the chief shuffles I’m pleased to see is Dr. Eric Hoskins moving into the Health Ministry portfolio. I’ve been a long time supporter of his from his running as a federal LPC candidate in Haldimand Norfolk and before that heading up War Child Canada (now headed by his wife, Dr.Samantha Nutt). I’m also pleased to see Mitzie Hunter, who brought forth the private-members bill last session to allow ranked ballots to be used in Toronto’s civic elections, has been given a promotion to associate finance minister responsible for the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan. I wish her well (and I hope the OLP won’t forget their promise to introduce a bill that will allow ALL municipalities to use ranked-ballot if they so desire)

– It’s time once again to think about federal politics and Liberal Party of Canada candidates. I was just mentioning in my last post about where we could potentially get more women candidates and MP’s for the Liberal Party, and one of those was my good friend Danielle Takacs running for the LPC nomination in Brant. Well, I am happy to bring to your attention 2 items involving Danielle. First, she is one of those featured in the June 2014 National Women’s Liberal Commission Newsletter. It talks about her background and her campaign.
Secondly, she has announced at her site she has officially resumed her campaign, after pausing it out of respect for the provincial election process. Check out her thoughts on that and what her “next steps” for her campaign are.


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