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Wynne & OLP have (polling) momentum going into debate

… or so it would appear from the latest polling. Ekos had a 5 pt OLP lead yesterday, while Abacus had a 2 or 7 pt OLP lead (depending on their likely voter or all voter screen), and today Nanos finally enters the polling arena. The Nanos polling company has been promoting their Power Index stuff for awhile, so it takes some time to scroll down and find the actual poll results. but the OLP leads by 6.5% (and at 37.7%) when you do eventually find it.

What does that mean for tonight’s debate? It’s the last chance for the NDP’s Andrea Horwath to make an impression on voters – a good impression, that is. I don’t think she came out of the Northern Ontario debate that well, with just her and the Premier. She needs to put in a better effort tonight, and she has the benefit of Tim Hudak being there to also make some points, if she so chooses.

I’ll be most interested in the Hudak/Wynne dynamic. The OLP has just recently started running political ads attacking Hudak’s math on his oft-repeated million jobs plan – a strategy I’ve wanted them to do for awhile, and I’m anticipating Premier Wynne to be very aggressive with Tim Hudak tonight and to go after those #’s, and to approach it as if he were the front-runner in the polls.


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  • Bob Bullard

    Conservative ideology worries me. They make decisions not based on facts but rather on outdated beliefs. We are in the 21st century yet “opposition” to anything NOT Conservative is their mantra. Regardless if there is an idea that may have merit or just need discussion and tweaks to allow it to evolve into an acceptable policy we have noting but Conservative Nay sayers. Unless they hold the perceived reigns of power they will not get past their ideology to just maybe see that there are some good ideas out there held by NDP, Green, or Liberal that would benefit the electorate.

    What I do not want to have forming my government is the “my way or the highway” type, the ones that believe in creationism, or deny global warming, or believe less is more, or that unions should be crushed, wages kept depressed, more people should get laid-off, or ideas that more tax breaks for corporations will stimulate the economy. Currently corporations are sitting on millions of dollars they have parked on the side lines, money they have received from tax payers through stupid government lower corporate tax policies, while these corporations are trying to get work moved off-shore.

    Think hydro rates are high, how about food prices, medical help, gas …… name me something that does not cost more today than it did last year and show me how Conservative ideology was instrumental in bring that cost down and I’ll gladly vote for them. Otherwise, you want lower hydro costs then turn off lights, shut down your pool heater, reduce your air conditioning use, move to a smaller home. Want less gas costs then take public transport, sell your SUV, buy a smaller car, curb your many trips to the stores by planning better, start to car pool, sell one of your multiple family cars, etc etc! Start taking responsibility for why you are paying so much for things by controlling and reducing your toys.

    News flash …. you think prices are getting higher now…..well they get higher each and every year and have been doing so sine I have owned a home and that has easily been for the past 30 years! You can complain but it is a fact that prices typically go up and if you are just noticing it now then you have been hiding your head in the sand for far to long!

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