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The end (or pause) of a blogging giant

You may not have caught this from CalgaryGrit, aka Dan Arnold, so I’ll post a link to it and briefly mention that he is taking a hiatus from regular blogging which he has done for the past 10 years because of job commitments with the Liberal Party that makes it rather awkward for him to blog (blogging and working as a party insider don’t mix, unfortunately).

I wanted to mention here what I have mentioned elsewhere: there are a few things Dan doesn’t mention in his piece that I am going to mention because he deserves credit for both. He was one of the original co-founders of Progressive Bloggers back in June of 2005 (I basically came up with the idea and pitched it to a few of the established “progressive” bloggers of the time. He and Wayne Chu actually took the idea and implemented/created the site), and also later of Liblogs, when he helped Jason Cherniak create that aggregator for Liberal-specific blogs (created later in that same year of 2005, if memory serves).

It is Progressive Bloggers I now have the privilege of running/being the site administrator for, and if not for his assistance, it would not be here.

I thank him for all of his blogging (one of the best bloggers out there), and I hope to see him return to blogging soon, once he helps defeat Stephen Harper at his new job.


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