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Ontario voters not liking Hudak’s Voodoo Economics

First off, yes, this is a Forum poll, but like BigcityLib, I’ll take it as a starting point as to what people think of Tim Hudak’s 100 000 public sector job cuts/1 million jobs created dual promises. So far, they don’t like it at all, or they don’t believe Timmy can do what he claims:

Nearly two-thirds of Ontarians disapprove of Tim Hudak’s plan to cut 100,000 public servants to streamline government, a new poll suggests..The Forum Research survey also found‎ 63 per cent do not think the Progressive Conservative leader will be able to create his promised 1 million new jobs

Thas has translated to the polls as well for party preference.. there has been an 8 point swing between the Liberals and the PC’s in just under 2 weeks from the prior Forum Poll:

Kathleen Wynne’s governing Liberals now lead with 38 per cent support to 35 per cent for the Conservatives, 21 per cent for Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, and 5 per cent for Mike Schreiner’s Greens. In the May 2 Forum poll, the Tories were at 38 per cent, the Liberals 33 per cent, the NDP 22 per cent, and the Greens at 6 per cent….Extrapolating the polling results suggests the Liberals would secure 68 seats in the 107-member legislature, the Conservatives 26, and the NDP 13.

Again, it’s Forum, a pollster I’ve often been critical of for their inconsistent polling results vs what actually happens, but I like the movement that it shows obviously. Let’s see if other pollsters confirm the shift that shows voters aren’t liking Tim Hudaks “voodoo economics”


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  • Jordan

    If the Libs are at 38 and the Cons at 35, would that put them within the margin of error?

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