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The Gaffe-man

I’m almost starting to wonder whether Tim Hudak isn’t doing all of these “gaffes” on purpose; he and his campaign strategists surely can’t be THIS inept (can they?):

The latest misstep happened Sunday, when Toronto Transit Commission enforcement officers broke up the Tory leader’s announcement in a busy subway car. Mr. Hudak, his entourage and a group of reporters were ejected from the train after the PCs failed to clear the event with the transit agency, which bans political campaigning in the system..Such stumbles are particularly strange given how well-organized the PCs claim to be..But on the first days of campaigning last week, Mr. Hudak twice staged news conferences at businesses that received government grants, even though he derides these subsidies as “corporate welfare” and has vowed to abolish them…Mr. Hudak’s media director, Will Stewart, confirmed that event organizers had not bothered to check with the TTC beforehand

I’d hate to see how he runs a province, if he and his bunch cant even run a campaign (and I’ve not even touched how he claims he can get a million new jobs for Ontario with his policies when his starting point is to lay off 100 000 public sector workers (mostly in education and health care). Fortunately, you have this editorial laying down how Tim’s #’s don’t appear to add up.


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