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How not to start an election campaign

Tim Hudak hasn’t exactly started off the unofficial Ontario election campaign in a blaze of glory. His opening day campaign stop yesterday to talk about his “million jobs” pledge stumbled when the recording studio owner (formerly of Triumph) noted he voted against The Music Fund in the 2013 Budget.

Okay, so that was a stumble… but to repeat it a day later? That’s almost hilarious:

For the second day Tory Leader Tim Hudak had to defend his position on so-called corporate welfare. On Tuesda‎y, Hudak chose to make his standard jobs pitch, including his opposition to government bailouts, at Automatic Coating Limited, which received $50,000 from the federal Conservative government in January. On Monday he made his million jobs pitch at MetalWorks recording studio where founder Gil Moore talked about the importance of provincial funding for the music industry.

I’m not sure who to blame more; Hudak for putting himself in these scenarios.. or Hudak’s handlers for not doing their research on what would appear to be bad optics.

To top it off today, we get this from the Ottawa Citizen, on the stock footage the PC’s are using in their ads:

..a new entry from the campaign of Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.. “Ontario Working Better ” begins with him talking about the loss of manufacturing jobs in the province over a video clip of — this is weird — a team of workers busy smoothing out cement on a construction site..Next, we see video of office workers pointing at a computer screen and nodding sagely…

This image is not, as it happens, of real Ontario professionals doing their part to steer our economy to greatness. In fact, it is stock footage from videographer/photographer Dmitriy Shironosov, who sells his work through various online stock photo sites under the name Pressmaster.

Shiranosov resides in Chelyabinsk City, Russian Federation

Awesome start to the campaign, Tim. All I can say is, keep up the good work (for the rest of us who don’t want to see you Premier).


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