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Worth repeating on the Supreme Court Senate ruling

As those of you who follow politics in Canada know, the Supreme Court of Canada told Stephen Harper on Friday that if he wanted to either reform (7 provinces/50% of pop) or abolish (unanimity + Senate agreement) the Senate, he needed to do something he hates doing – build a consensus with the provinces.

That ruling led him to petulantly declare that any meaningful reform or thoughts of abolition of the Senate was dead, and that the SCOC had ruled in favour of the status quo that no one wanted.

That led Athlia Raj, who is a correspondent at Huffington Post Canada, to say a series of tweets on Twitter disagreeing with Harper, and it bears repeating, because I believe it to be true:

Ok. I call bullshit on this PM statement. The #SCC did not rule in favour of the status quo..The SCC just said if you want Senate reform, this is the formula to change the Constitution…If PMSH doesn’t want to reform the Senate, it’s because he doesn’t want to engage the provinces. Not b/c the top court said no to reform.

She starts that series of tweets here… and you can follow along the chain in Twitter for the rest. Harper has always hated to compromise or to try to be a consensus builder; he prefers to go it alone and ram his beliefs on others who don’t agree, so it’s no surprise that he’d react in this manner.

Pierre Trudeau he is not.




2 comments to Worth repeating on the Supreme Court Senate ruling

  • Gayle

    The funniest thing is how so many of his minions are declaring this a victory for him.

    Such a good example of how deluded these people really are.

  • Harkov

    Pierre Trudeau he is not.

    And thank goodness for that!

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