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Liberal Nominee: Joseph Angolano in Scarborough North

This is another in a series of blogposts I’ve done for folks I know that are running to be the Liberal candidate in certain ridings*,  be they for federal or provincial. This time, I’m highlighting Joseph Angolano, who is running to be the Liberal nominee in the new riding of Scarborough North.

Joseph is a tad different from the other candidates I’m highlighting; he was not/is not a Liberal blogger, as some of my other folks I’ve highlighted here, but was/is friends with a lot of them, and he did get involved in a couple of political chat sites I was on. I’ve had some interesting and sometimes admittedly heated debates with him over certain issues and campaigns, but he is a Liberal through and through, and he is passionate about his beliefs.

If you’re in the Scarborough North area, I encourage you to visit his site and check him and it out.

*Other nominees I’ve highlighted in in the past, include Danielle Takacs, Jason Cherniak, David Graham, and Nancy Leblanc

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