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A Pool/Poll On Number Of “Fair Elections Act” amendments/changes

If you’ve followed the reaction to the “Fair Elections Act”, you’ll note there’s not a lot of support for this act as it stands. It’s getting rightly lambasted by newspaper editorials and columnists across this country, as well as academics and so forth.

That said, I’d be willing to bet the Conservatives aren’t going to do much, if anything, in the way of amendments/changes that have been suggested. They know exactly what this new act is going to do. It’s basically an attempt to tilt the playing field (or the voting field) towards them, (and also a way to try and neuter Elections Canada, who they dislike)

I’m going to say that the over/under on amendments/changes to this bill by Pierre Polievre (who once he was appointed to this Department, you automatically knew there was going to be election reform shenanigans) is going to be 3.. and I’m betting on the under.


2 comments to A Pool/Poll On Number Of “Fair Elections Act” amendments/changes

  • rockfish

    It allows them to appoint the overseers of ballot counting — hello hanging chads! It creates a truly unequal playing field when it comes to fundraising, as until the secret of their corporate shilling is revealed to the light of day (because they’ve got a loophole around the no-corporate donations, which is what Duffy holds as his final card) they will continue to plumb all the great depths of big oil money … This bill was meant to give them one more edge to get Harper one more majority to blow the final walls out of the social justice and environmental infrastructure that was built over the past 50 years. And considering all the advertising and nominations opened, the so-called Set election act will be broken in about three months or less time. A summer election with students out of downtown Toronto will be what they think can stop Trudeau and embiggen the tub-o-lard Emperor for one last march.

  • billg

    How exactly does it tip the playing field?
    You will need one of 39 available pcs of ID now to vote…39!! Doesnt seem to unreasonable.
    Also, more resources are to be spent informing young voters where and how to go vote, most young people dont vote Conservative.
    So, how could this possible tilt the playing field towards anyone really.

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