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Good luck to Dan Fox running for TO City Council (Ward 24) in Willowdale.

I don’t often do links to municipal candidates, particularly City of Toronto ones, despite the amusing circus that occasionally provides, but I’m making an exception for Dan Fox, who is an active Liberal in federal politics, but has decided to go a different route and will try to get elected to TO City Council in Ward 24:

I think that the Toronto City Council has put sound bites and politics ahead of the need of the people of Toronto. Budget gimmicks have replaced building and maintaining a healthy city infrastructure. Photo opportunities have a higher priority than fiscal responsibility. Immediate gratification has replaced long-term vision and planning. It’s time to have an honest conversation about where we are, where we want to go and how we plan to get there. I want Willowdale to be a big part of that conversation.

Ward 24 is currently represented by Councillor David Shiner, notably the only Councillor who voted with the Ford brothers against the Council Motion to strip Mayor Ford of his powers, saying among other things “Mr. Ford has done a reasonable job”. That statement alone should get people to reconsider whether they should be voting for the incumbent.

I’m under no illusions that an endorsement from me garners many (if any) votes, but to any Liberals in that area who would like to help Dan out (as well as other people of progressive-minded politics – I think you’ll find Dan’s stances up your alley too.. or people just plain tired of Rob Ford allies on City Council), he’d welcome you, I’m sure. I wish him the best of luck.

Beside his campaign website, you can find Dan on Twitter – @TorontoDan – and on Facebook


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