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A neat site to track Liberal nominees in ridings across Canada: is a pretty neat, fairly new site I was made aware of, and it’s very ambitious:

This website is intended to be a database for Liberals and Liberal supporters to find the aspiring candidates in their ridings, and for aspiring candidates to contact and work together in building this new chapter of the Liberal Party of Canada and, we hope, the next chapter of Canada itself.

You can pick out each province and find ridings and see if anyone has declared to be running for the nomination in that riding. You’ll note that there are lots of gaps in the number of ridings, particularly in provinces outside of Ontario or Quebec, mainly because it depends on folks writing in to inform the volunteers at the site who is running; I’ve no doubt a lot of Liberals out there arent aware of this site as of yet, so hopefully that will change, and I can help in that in some small way.

I had a chat with Farnell Morisset, the main administrator of the site, asking him some questions about who got the site going, and its aim, and so on, and this was his email reply to me.. (excerpted for length):

The website is run by volunteers of the Joël Lightbound nomination campaign in Louis-Hébert, Québec. The original idea really came about as a result of us finding it very hard to follow other candidates in other ridings since there was no centralized location from which to find having a database like, it makes it easy for those interested to find and follow those candidates online…

..There were a small handful (maybe 4 or 5? It was a fluid process, it’s hard to know exactly) of us who put the site together and about that many who keep it up to date. We also rely on the input of Liberal nomination candidates and supporters across the country to fill in on the gaps in the database.

Its a great idea, though because of the limited number of volunteers, it may take some time to have the database updated (for example, Zach Paiken’s aborted nomination run hasn’t been reflected by taking him off the board in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas yet), but it will get done. I would add as a suggestion, that the one thing I’d like to see on the site is when there is a nominee that has won or been acclaimed in a riding, that this riding on there would be updated with that information).

I encourage those Liberal folks in Liberal ridings across the country to send in the information for who the nominees are in their particular riding. You can include a photo of the candidate, and any relevant social media info that connects the person to the campaign (i.e. their website, their facebook page, twitter and so on).

(And just as a plug, some former blogger/netroots nominees I know who are listed on that site: Jason Cherniak in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill, Danielle Takacs in Brant, James Morton in Thornhill, David Graham in Laurentides-Labelle).


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  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are just now starting our search for candidates in Simcoe-Grey. I will inform LiberalReboot as soon as we have a candidate.

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