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Disappointment with the Ontario Liberal Party lack of social media communication

The OLP has a convention next week, if you weren’t aware. It’s their annual general meeting – the one that was originally going to be held in London, but got moved to Toronto due to speculated Spring Election concerns.

Several bloggers (myself included) of the Liberal persuasion (Ontario or Federal) have been inquiring for awhile since last year before Christmas to some of our contacts within the OLP hierarchy about the possibility of being present at this to live-blog or live-tweet it or social media it in general.. you get the idea – as we did for the OLP’s leadership convention. We’ve had various contacts who’ve told us they’ve supported that, but nothing official has ever come back.

When the official notice of it was released (see the link) We noticed media-related inquires were to be directed to Christine Mcmillan (Ontario Liberal Party Vice-President Communications). I (and possibly others, though I’m not sure on that yet) sent some email to her, asking about the possibility of blogger accreditation. I did so a week and a half or 2 weeks ago. I’ve still not received even an acknowledgement, much less an explanation or an answer.

Since then, one of my Liberal blogger friends who is going as a delegate forwarded along an official program to me, showing that 99% of what is going on appears to be workshops and such for potential candidates and election strategy that any media (or bloggers) would not be allowed to witness.. this meeting will not have the open sessions that was available at the LPC Biennial last month in Montreal to bloggers/media. The only event apparently available to the public/media would be Premier Wynne’s speech on the Sunday afternoon.

My beef is not so much with being excluded or the format of this (to be honest, if the Wynne speech was the only thing available, it wouldnt be worth my time to go to it even if we were allowed/accredited, and my fellow bloggers who arent delegates have said as much to me in private as well). My beef is that email inquiries and inquires to the OLP account on Twitter haven’t been replied to – and specifically by Ms Mcmillan, the person all inquiries were to be forwarded to.

If the OLP or she didn’t feel they wanted to accredit bloggers because of the format, I get that, but I’m more disappointed that she and the OLP persons in general we contacted couldn’t be bothered to at least give us a courtesy email reply to us to say that. (I exclude my contacts who are in the OLP who were in the hierarchy; they did their best to get answers.. but didnt seem to get much answers from the higher-ups in the political food chain).

When the OLP leadership race was going on, Liberal bloggers were invited to and had a conference call, pre-convention, with then-candidate Kathleen Wynne, explaining her position and asking for our support, and indicating she would be social media friendly if/when she was Premier, and hopefully have more discussions with us in the future.

I’m sorry to say I see little evidence of that in this particular case, and we’ve yet to get anything on the latter point. It’s no skin off our collective blogging noses, but you’d think a party that is going to have difficulty retaining power in the next election would like all the help it can get, no matter how small it perceives that to be.


1 comment to Disappointment with the Ontario Liberal Party lack of social media communication

  • kevin

    I am disappointed with everything the Ontario Liberal Party has done in ten years. And they say Mike Harris was bad. Mike is starting to look great compared to McGuinty and Wynne. At least Mike didnt wipe out hard drives to cover his ass.
    And if i had a year to type out all the lies and scandals I would be here forever.
    Nuff said

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