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Grasping for straws – Pauline Marois

I’m glad this fear – if there ever was anyone in Quebec fearing it- was cleared up by her:

An independent Quebec would open its arms to tourists from Canada. That’s the message from Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois as sovereignty continues to be a prominent issue in the Quebec election campaign.Marois said today that Quebecers will still be able to go see the Rockies and Prince Edward Island and that Canadians from there will still be able to visit Quebec.

She’s trying to reassure soft nationalists that Canada won’t ban an independent Quebec’s people from being tourists, and vice versa? We’re really down to scraping the barrel for arguments justifying an independent Quebec if one has to reassure people that a hypothetical scenario won’t happen – a scenario that was never going to happen regardless of any independence vote.

I wonder why this reassurance had to be stated in the first place..seems like a very odd argument to be using.


3 comments to Grasping for straws – Pauline Marois

  • billg

    Here’s your new tax bill Quebecers…still thinking of traveling? Problem solved.

  • John B,

    Doesn’t Canada’s current policy allow that a citizen may hold citizenship in as many countries as he chooses?

    It’s an odd notion to consider that Canada would have either the will or the authority to prevent the citizens of a sovereign Quebec from entering at will any part of the rest of Canada. After all, without a formal personal renouncement, the liberated Quebecers will remain citizens of Canada and remain entitled to claim all of the rights burdened by none of the obligations that derive from that citizenship. At least that’s what the secessionists are selling them.

    Does the Clarity Act impose or suggest any restriction on the Canadian citizenship rights of Quebecers after secession?

  • The Dude

    Pierre Trudeau pointed out that the other provinces never made any deals with Quebec for after separation if the referendum in 1980 had gone to Levesques. Marois is doing the same thing that Levesques did. She’s making it seem as though she has any power to say what Quebecers will be able to do in Canada if Quebec separates. That will be Canada’s foreign policy, not Quebec’s.

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