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Amazing coincidences and occurrences

Amazing coincidence – Peter Mackay muses that liberalization of pot/marijuana laws/legislation easing criminal charges are now a real possibility, and like magic, the anti-Justin Trudeau ads running on Toronto area AM radio that claim his stance on legalizing marijuana would ‘make it easier for kids to smoke pot” and “he isn’t up to the job” that were running incessantly for the month of February prior and after the LPC Biennial Convention have magically disappeared. Funny that.

Amazing occurrence: Ontario Liberal MPP Mitzie Hunter’s Private Member Bill (Bill 166) that would authorize Toronto to choose ranked ballots for their electoral voting system (as they voted to ask for late last year) has passed 2nd reading and is on to Committee. My hope is it gets passed before the Legislature falls to an election expected sometime this year. Even more amazing; the Progressive Conservatives are opposing this, which is kind of rich if you ask me, since Ranked Ballot is the voting system most if not all of the current political parties in both the federal and provincial arena use to elect their leaders and there are no complaints as far as I know of not directly electing their leader or of not being elected by 1st choices there. Also, I find it amazing that the PC’s would try and prevent Toronto from using the voting system they prefer to use – as chosen by a majority of elected City Council. The NDP isnt a big fan of ranked ballot (they prefer PR) but they at least seem willing to allow Toronto to have its autonomy and choose whatever they deem is best for voting.

Another amazing (and rather appalling) occurrence: I never thought even with this bunch in government that we’d see US Republican Party style voter suppression attempted in Canada. We’re witnessing it today with the “Fair Elections Act” game the government was playing here today, despite all their protestations to the contrary. That much is evident from monitoring the Marc Maynard testimony to the Standing Committee, and the government’s attempt to disrupt the testimony with procedural votes… reneging on a day old agreement that helped to end an NDP filibuster in return for Maynard’s 90 minutes of testimony, which the government decided to interrupt by calling up votes in the middle of the time slot Maynard was speaking. That should tell you what worth an agreement is with this bunch. Make sure you get it down on paper or electronic format, instead of voice or oral format, is all I’ll say.


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