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Sunday Stuff: A guest blog-poster from the Biennial early this week?

I took a bit of a break in blogging the past week – partially to recharge batteries from the Montreal Biennial.. partially because I’ve been doing some other political stuff behind the scenes… but back to a regular blogpost today, with some thoughts of the week behind and a look ahead:

– I read with amusement at the Manning Centre Conference where a pollster warned those conservative attendees of “grim” polling statistics they found on the CPC losing ground on issues to the Liberals and the NDP. Grim for them, perhaps, but certainly not for me or likeminded people who want the Conservatives gone (and there are many of us)

– The Ukraine/Russia crisis over Crimea is a rather ugly one. It has the chance of escalating rather quickly, and I’m not sure the West has a lot of options beside diplomatic protests and condemnations.

– As the title suggests, I’m fairly certain we’ll be having a guest blogger/blogpost here this week. I won’t say who yet, other then then person is a Liberal and one who I met at the Biennial. I’m looking forward to that person’s post, however.


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