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Biennial LPC – Day 4 (final) impressions

This is going to be a shorter post then my others I only was here til 11 am before I had to run for my train home and didn’t catch the constitutional stuff.. but thanks to the good flow of motions as done by the chairpersons (Maryanne Kampouris and Ralph Goodale), the policy resolutions were all gotten through ahead of schedule. I’ll be brief on those; I was pleased on a couple of things – the Basic Income Supplements measure(s) were passed, as was Section 31 on voting reform.. and one on looking to ban neocontinoids – the pesticide being blamed for killing off honeybees and other pollen-bearing insects. If you want to check out the constitutional stuff.. I advise reading up on Jeff Jedras’s or Jim Calder’s twitter feed.

In short, I have sore feet and legs from walking all over the Palais and part of Montreal .. a sore back from carrying too much luggage… lack of sleep from touring suites and getting up at 6 am for 7 am breakfasts…and probably have malnutrition from not eating properly…. but it was very worth the trip to Montreal.

My thanks to the LPC for accrediting bloggers and giving me (and others) the opportunity to blog/cover it. The treatment of bloggers was second to none, and we all hope it continues for future events the Liberal Party holds.

I hope these blogposts , as well as those of my fellow bloggers, as well as our tweets, were of some interest to those who read them.


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