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Biennial LPC Convention – Day 2 Impressions

Where to start! A VERY busy day today.

-I know it has to be done, but the constitutional by-amendments opening of the Biennial was a tad dry. It was a good move to have held this in a smaller conference room. Less people there (as obviously they knew better). If I’m at the next biennial, or at some other party’s policy convention, I’ll know to skip this part.

– Despite the fact he was scheduled during a very important Canada – US Olympic hockey game, there was basically a full house in the main hall to listen to retired Lt. General Andrew Leslie remarks. I livetweeted this earlier on Friday (Twitter handle is @stribe39 if you’d like to go find it), and I can see why the CPC and to a lesser extent the NDP is going after him. He has charisma, is a very good speaker, and wasnt afraid to address the controversy that has popped up over these benefits he received (due every vet after 20 years). He’ll be a formidable candidate (if he runs).

– There were two panels I attended; 1 was infrastructure, the other was basically foreign relations. The first one was okay, but the 2nd one was moderated by Marc Garneau, with the aforementioned General Leslie being one of the panellists. He obviously made an impression, because this conference room was packed. I also live-tweeted this one, and I said then and I’ll say now; my perception for these panels has been that the longer the lineups to the microphone for the audience to ask questions, the better the panel did in creating intererst amongst the folks. By that definition, this one was a rousing success as there were big lineups.

– I purposely avoided the speeches by the candidates for the national executive positions (President, Gen-Secretary, etc). As I’m not a delegate here (Liberal member notwithstanding) and not endorsing anyone (I feel uncomfortable doing an endorsement without a voting interest). Plus, I know far too many people on either sides for either candidates, and I dont feel like causing hard feelings at this point.

– I thought it would be better to get down to the Judy Lamarsh Fund, which was an event designed ti raise funds to help women candidates beat the obstacles they face in running (and winning). That event was a big success.. several hundred people attended, including Justin Trudeau and Premier Kahleen Wynne, who made it in late out of stormy Sudbury. I got to meet some new political folks and ones I have talked to before (check the twitter feed of mine or Progressive Bloggers flickr stream That includes the new leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party Rana Bokhari, who was kind enough to come over and chat and get a picture taken.

An interesting Day 3 shapes up, with voting going on, concluding and a winner declared tomorrow. The revelations in the National Post today about possible promises of vote-swapping makes the day potentially very interesting – ansd one I’ll be watching closely.

UPDATE: I’d be remiss for not mentioning our bloggers briefing with LPC National Director Jeremy Broadhurst went well and he stayed an hour to give some thought and answer some questions. You’ll find my blogger colleagues impressions from Jeff and Jim to be enlightening on their thoughts. We also had a chitchat with LPC Presidential candidate, Brian Rice, and Jim also posted about that chitchat


3 comments to Biennial LPC Convention – Day 2 Impressions

  • We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

    We also have the speeches of Leslie and Trudeau, plus Leslie’s press conference.

  • Kenn Chaplin

    Hi Scott,

    Don’t know if you caught any of the Tv coverage re. Gen. Leslie. I guess it’s in their nature to play opposition to whatever they are attending, but I can’t think of one who let up on Leslie, esp. In his newsier. I’m pissed at all the naysayers looking for a scandal and, while not a Liberal, I hope this tempest will be seen for the inside baseball distraction I think it is.

  • Five Things To Watch At The Liberal Convention
    Five Things To Watch At The Liberal Convention
    Commented Feb 20, 2014 at 18:47:47 in Canada Politics
    “”The Tories are expected to have a large contingent of volunteers on hand to cause mischief, armed with computers, printers and video cameras. A former Conservative operative who took part in a similar scheme at a past Liberal convention told HuffPost on condition of anonymity that fake delegates would likely infiltrate the convention, pass out unflattering literature and try to videotape Liberals saying controversial or unfavourable things about their

    Yeah, the two that will be around the video camera will be EzRAT Levant and his 250 lb “gorilla” cameraman/body guard that he packs along in case someone attacks him over his abusive interviews — those two are from SUN News.

    Harper’s chief attack dog, in the PMO, is Jenni Byrne and she is in charge of infiltrating the delegation — but they will be easy to spot as they will be handing out these “Conservative” contracted special edition Trudeau Zig-Zag cigarette papers: !

    Harper has his Defense Minister Nicholson heading up a special “Liberal Convention Spying” operation team consisting of CSIS and CSEC personnel to not only spy on the delegates, but to try and find out which LIBERAL scored that 75 page power point presentation that outlined the entire 2015 Conservative “election strategy” that was handed over to the Toronto Star last week.

    But, one hopes a message appears on the large video screens that offers a big “Welcome Message” to the Conservatives in attendance!”

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