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First impressions of #Lib14 Montreal Biennial

– There are a lot (I mean a LOT) of people here for a non-leadership convention. I hear it may be the largest of these they’ve ever seen.

– The powerbars work at he bloggers tables and arent in short supply – a dramatic improvement over the Showcase. We also have a pretty sweet location for viewing proceedings, but we’re going to need extra, ah, security or a sign so people dont steal our seats (that should be rectified, I am assured)

– For a non-leadership convention, the Liberals have gone all out with their big-screens and displays at this event

– As I said on Twitter, during the Larry Summers / Chrystia Freeland tete a tete, the room only half applauded when Mr Summers said he supported Canada and the US getting Keystone pipeline going. I wasnt one of those applauding either. The Liberal leadership (JT’s support for it notwithstanding) better realize not all of us in the party are as thrilled as Summers and the leadership is at that occurring.

-Justins kids were hiarious, and I applaud Sophie for gamely speaking while their kids stole the show.

– Election bantering and campaigning are in full swing for the party positions up for grabs.

– If you want to know how the CPC is reacting to this, the fact they decided to send “Democratic Reform” Minister Pierre Poliviere as a monitor tells a lot. The fact Justin made pointed remarks about the elections reform bill was a nice touch.

– Ego -inflating moment of the night; getting introed by Jeff Jedras to LPC President in Quebec Alexandra Mendes who a) knew who I was, and b) is a fan of this blog.


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  • Trudeau Opens Liberal Convention With Jabs At Harper, PQ Values Charter
    Commented Feb 21, 2014 at 00:24:28 in Canada Politics
    “That it…that’s the best the Canadian Press can do in reporting on this speech!

    Heck, last November they even did a word count on Harper’s speech to the Con convention, turns out it was 3,900 words and he too, right in the midst of Oil Cartel country, tried to paint himself as a defender of the middle class!

    Here was Harper’s best line of his speech: ““Ours is not the party of entitlement, not guided by power or privilege … and we never should be.” — that must have cracked up the Oil execs sitting up there in the boxed seats of the Saddle Dome!

    But, no matter, Trudeau knew where his wife was and that is a good thing.

    Harper, on the other hand didn’t know where his wife was as someone spotted Laureen, John Baird, Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander and Bal Gosal a few blocks away at the “Blue Tent”: — now the Canadian Press sure never reported on that finding!

    And, since Trudeau does not sing “British Invasion” or “Old Time Rock & Roll” tunes, this will be one pretty dull convention!

    But Trudeau should have put in a “zinger” line by saying that under no circumstances would he ever PROROGUE parliament for a month to “practice with the band”!”

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