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Danielle Takacs running in Brant For LPC Nomination

We’ve had a lot of bloggers (both former and current) decide to drop their hat into running for both provincial and federal nominations for political parties, and on the eve of the Liberal Biennial Convention, I was very pleased and thrilled to see we have a new one today, someone who is a good friend of mine and who I am pleased to see put her name forward to contest for the Liberal nomination in Brant county – Danielle Takacs:

Policy research analyst and political organizer Danielle Takacs is vying for the Liberal nomination in Brant with a goal of re-energizing the party’s standing in the riding…She acknowledged that the Liberals have a lot of ground to make up in Brant, after former MP Lloyd St. Amand lost the seat to Conservative MP Phil McColeman in 2008, then finished third in the 2011 election.Takacs believes current Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has reignited interest in the party and she would be best positioned as a new-blood candidate to help him in Brant. “We can gain back longtime supporters that we lost to the NDP and soft Conservatives who left us last time,” she said.

When Danielle was blogging, she blogged at the award-winning Liblogs/Progressive Bloggers affiliate Galloping Around The Golden Horseshoe, where you can still see her old blogposts. She’s got a new site up for her nomination here. She faces no current contenders, but that of course may change, so she’d love to hear from you.

As an aside, this is, in my opinion, why blogs and bloggers and blogging are still important in this age of social media and of the recent seeming dominance of Twitter and Facebook. It helps develop the grassroots (or netroots) in parties, and it’s this activism that makes them want to change how things are done, and makes them want to get elected to help make a difference.

I wish nothing but good things for Danielle. She is a good person, has a good heart, and would make a fabulous candidate and MP.


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