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Almost Time For Montreal To Cover The LPC Biennial Convention

I was pleased to receive in my email from Andree-Lyne Halle (Comm Mgr for the LPC) a “Bloggers Welcome Note” for those of us bloggers accredited to the Montreal Biennial.

I’m also intrigued we’re getting formally welcomed and “briefed” by National Director of the LPC, Jeremy Broadhurst, on Friday AM. We’ve never had any formal welcomes before to any of the other conventions we’ve been accredited at, Liberal or otherwise – so I’m intrigued to hear what he will be saying. I’m also pleased to see the accredited bloggers have full access to all plenary sessions, policy resolutions sessions and expert panel sessions. We are also located in the Main Hall (in a “Plenary Room”) so the action will be very close by, tho I expect it to be a bit more reserved then in 2006 in the throes of a Liberal Leadership Convention. For example, I don’t expect organized “flash mobs” for policy positions to magically appear chanting with placards in the main hall (though that would be something!).

I want to thank amongst others Brian G. Rice (a blogger on Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers, a former President of the BC Liberals, and running for the President of the Liberal Party of Canada) for aiding us in getting recognized to these events (again). We were welcomed first at the 2006 LPC Convention in this very city and site, but things have been a bit.. quiet.. since May 2011 with regards to treating us like social media folks and not viewed suspiciously as people in Pj’s in front of their computers who only cause trouble (tho we still occasionally do) and who, if we wanted to come to these events hosted by the LPC, had to be accredited by a major news organization or pay our own way (yes, that still burns me.. I’ll never forget that slight – which is what it was in my view).

Brian has been one of many who’ve been trying to fight that attitude, and since before the LPC Showcase, has helped to do so. I thank him for the major turnaround in views on bloggers and social/new media folks from the LPC hierarchy, and hope it continues. I am neutral in the President’s race that he is running for against Anna Gainey, but he has my thanks for that social media awareness and acumen alone, if nothing else.

Jeff Jedras has also been instrumental in working behind the scenes to get us actively involved again with the party (and started so back at the LPC “Showcase”), so he deserves some credit too. Jeff will be there as a dual accredited blogger and delegate, if I’m not mistaken.

Those of us who are there will do our best to keep you informed. Those who read this blog (and others), please feel free to say hello!

UPDATE: More about what Progressive Bloggers will be doing there, which I, as the Site Admin, will of course be actively involved with.


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