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CPC Leaked Strategy Doc on Exploiting LPC Divisions Will Have Opposite Effect

You may have read this past week about the leaked documents the Toronto Star obtained that showed the Conservative Party hinting they will try to disrupt and cause disunity amongst Liberal Party members at the upcoming Biennial Convention in Montreal starting this Thursday (being attended by Yours Truly and other bloggers with media/blogger accreditation).

The part about trying to focus on Liberal “disunity” particularly caught my eye:

The Conservatives are also seeking to exploit cracks in the Liberal party “that are opening up again.” As proof, the document cites Trudeau’s early departure from a recent tribute dinner for former prime minister Jean Chrétien, along with Trudeau’s own decision to oust Liberal senators from the party caucus. “Opportunity exists to fan the flames of Liberal infighting,” the note says…The document states that the Conservatives will be trying to whip up divisions between Trudeau and former prime minister Jean Chrétien. This is apparently based on Soudas’ observations at the Chrétien dinner.

Forget for a moment that the CPC logic is a big leap too far in assuming there must be disunity/division between JT and Chretien and their supporters because of someone having to leave early to catch a flight. The leaked document has virtually assured that the Liberal Party will make an extra big effort this weekend at the Biennial to present a united front, and it won’t have to be the Party Leaders driving that urging; nothing irritates Liberal members more these days then the Conservative Party trying to stir crap up. Many have seen that movie before, and are not anxious to repeat it.

That doesn’t mean I want the Liberal Party to clamp down on healthy debate however, for the sake of removing that CPC narrative. I think there are a couple of policies and practises that should be debated and need to be addressed and which I’ve seen and heard concerns about from some folks (the constant urging for $ donations being an example) and I’d hope this leak doesn’t cause self-censorship on the LPC delegates/leaders part.


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  • Jennifer Ross

    Well, to be fair to us Liberal members–the party IS united! I’ve been a Liberal for several years now, and I’ve never known us to be this united. You can feel it, if you can’t see it. At least you can down at the EDA level; and there is also a buzz. Of excitement, of focus–I don’t know but it is a palpable energy.

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