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Another former blogger (David Graham) running for a Liberal nomination

It seems a fair number of bloggers, or former bloggers, are deciding to try going from their grass/netroots activism and translate that into trying to get elected to office to translate that activism into change at the political level.

This week, it is the turn of David Graham to announce he is running for the Liberal nomination in his home riding of Laurentides-Labelle. If you’re not familiar with David, he has been a long time blogger (incidentally, he is and has been a big supporter of expanded and improved rail service, if you go through his archive of blogposts. Very good reading).

He has been a Progressive Blogger and Liblogs affiliate. and the past few years has been the coder/webmaster at the Liblogs aggregated site.

He has a page at Facebook that he invites all to like and show support for his candidacy. That is located here. (His website has been renamed to, but that redirects to his old site, so no difference really in which URL you use).

I wish him a sincere and hearty good luck at winning that nomination for the LPC.


1 comment to Another former blogger (David Graham) running for a Liberal nomination

  • By my count, David makes it 4.

    Impolitical, Jason Cherniak and James Morton (Morton’s Musings).

    James Morton has run before, but he’s running for another nomination.

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