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The Keystone Cops guarding our PM

I’m not one to defend Prime Minister Harper over anything, but what exactly was his security detail doing (or not doing) to allow this serious breach of security to happen?

In an interview airing Monday on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Devlin explained how he got past the prime minister’s RCMP security detail and onto the stage where Harper was getting ready to do a question and answer session with the Vancouver Board of Trade.”I just wore my black dress shirt, my black pants, and I had a black apron on,” Devlin told P&P host Evan Solomon. Devlin and Shireen Soofi, the second protester, managed to evade security by passing themselves off as wait staff at the hotel where the event was being held.

Not 1, but 2, protesters got up there because they passed themselves off as waiters? Both of these folks assured people they weren’t there to hurt the PM, and I don’t doubt it, but what if some others like them were carrying guns (or worse) instead of signs and were intent on doing damage?

Some serious questions need to be answered, and maybe some folks in the RCMP need to be brought forth and asked how this potentially bad situation could have been allowed to happen, which put the PM, and make no mistake, his life, in potential jeopardy.


2 comments to The Keystone Cops guarding our PM

  • Fred from BC

    Agreed. There should definitely be an investigation as to how this happened, and perhaps the CBC should also be held accountable for giving these nobodies an interview on national TV (gee, exactly the attention they were hoping for)…

  • monkey

    I too wonder this as well although I should note I was a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade about 8 years ago and went to one of Paul Martin’s speeches. There was no security whatsoever, all you needed to do was pay your membership dues for the board of trade and then buy tickets to attend. At the door they only checked tickets. So it seems lax security has been the norm for quite some time. I don’t support going to the extremes they go in the US (The US president faces far more dangers so security should be stricter than in Canada), but still they should be checking those coming in have nothing that could be harmful.

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