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Denials all around of Olivia Chow being offered Ontario Lt.Gov position

Good to hear:

New Democrat MP and possible Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow says she hasn’t been offered an appointment as lieutenant-governor of Ontario, despite a rumour reported Monday. Chow, the MP for Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina riding and widow of late NDP leader Jack Layton, is a strong contender in the city’s 2014 mayoral race, according to a number of polls..A blogpost written by TVO’s Steve Paikin said Prime Minister Stephen Harper could name Chow to replace David Onley…Making Chow lieutenant-governor would take her out of the running for Toronto mayor and open up a federal riding in downtown Toronto.

Without getting into who gave TVO’s Steve Paikin the rumour and whether he got played (and whether Chow laughing at the suggestion but “not confirming or denying” the story is smoke and fire or someone just looking for some) I’ll say that I’m glad to hear this is not true.

Why? Well, even though I’m a Liberal, and even though I feel Chow espouses some views that are left-wing (or some that are more left-wing then even I’d be comfortable with as a lefty Liberal), Chow is the current best chance to take out Ford from the mayor position as it stands today. I know its not my city, but he’s an embarrassment to Canada, not just Toronto. There needs to be a good progressive candidate on the centre-left to consolidate votes, because the centre-right is or will be potentially crowded, and Ford could squeak back in with a vote split.

That’s all dependent on Chow running of course, and another progressive or moderate Liberal declaring and potentially splitting the vote on the left, but for now, those who want Ford out would best hope she declares and that as many more of the centre-right potential candidates declare their candidacies as well. (Come on down John Tory!).


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  • monkey

    I consider myself centre-right, but too want Rob Ford gone. I hope John Tory runs as my real worry is electing Olivia Chow will do nothing to help solve the polarization between the city and the suburbs which is what allowed Ford to win in the first place. That being said I have a tough time imagining her being worse than Ford. At the same time if the police decide to pursue criminal charges against Rob Ford he won’t be able to run which could still happen.

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