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A Belated Happy New Year 2014 – Political Musings For The Year Ahead

I’d have sent this out to everyone sooner, but as of today, I’m on Day 7 of a nasty bug that has been sweeping around the area at holiday time and unfortunately, through my family and me as well (despite the fact I got a flu shot earlier this year to avoid this, proving you can’t always win over the viral enemy out there, despite your best efforts). However, be that as it may a Happy new Year to you all; I hope you all find more hope and happiness and good health then not in 2014.

As for political musings, it should be an interesting year. Will the Liberals and Justin Trudeau maintain their poll lead or strengthen it? Will the Senate scandal continue to damage the Conservative brand? Will the NDP get its Mulcair Mojo back? What of the Supreme Court and rulings expected on the Senate?

With regards to the Liberals, I’ll mention again that they are having a policy convention in Montreal near the end of February – which bloggers are invited to apply for accreditation. As I stated in my original post, this is not a bad idea for a party that probably wants policies there highlighted, since a frequent criticism of the LPC these days (which hasn’t stuck – yet) is the lack of a policy platform; one that I think gets more play then it should at times, but something the party can address with this. Will policies get approved by the delegates that perhaps JT or his advisers aren’t crazy about? That remains to be seen.

Personally, I hope to be one of those covering/liveblogging it… though the timing of this event (Thurs – Sun) means I’ll need to have enough vacation time from work scheduled to be able to be at a worthwhile chunk of it. I’m sure that same problem affects a lot of other bloggers and delegates who are gainfully employed, and the cost of travel and accommodation isnt cheap. We’ll all do our best though.


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