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More Grinch remarks from Conservative Cabinet Ministers/Appointees

I said a couple of days ago I thought these guys might clam up leading to the Christmas holidays after the James Moore debacle, but no, they just can’t seem to help showing themselves as the modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge/Grinch government. I obviously underestimated the foot-in-mouth disease, as its spread. I’m not surprised it would be Peter MacKay who would be the next one to show symptoms of it a couple of days ago…

Justice Minister Peter MacKay lash(ed) out at judges for circumventing new rules requiring them to impose financial penalties on people convicted of a crime: doubling of the fine for a summary offence to $100 and $200 for an indictable offence…The surcharge, in effect since October, removes a judge’s discretion to waive fees if an offender is so poor that he cannot pay the penalty. Judges across the country are finding creative ways around the rules when they’re faced with homeless people who live in shelters. Strategies include giving people 50 years to pay off the fine. MacKay has a solution. In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, he suggests people sell off “a bit of property” to come up with the cash to pay the penalty.

Your usual brilliant analysis from Petey MacKay. Not to be outdone however, the CEO of Canada Post, Deepak Chopra, (A Conservative Harper appointee from 2011) came up with this beauty about the problems seniors would face for losing proposed cuts to home delivery and forced to walk to community mailboxes to get their mail:

The head of Canada Post says seniors have told the corporation they want more exercise and fresh air in answer to an MP’s question about how the elderly will be especially hard hit by the cancellation of home mail delivery. Deepak Chopra was answering questions put to him by MPs at a special emergency meeting of the transport committee Wednesday. Parliament has risen so most MPs are back in their ridings for a Christmas break and won’t return until the end of January. Chopra’s suggestion that seniors would welcome the exercise offered by community mailboxes caused Liberal MP David McGuinty to make a quip about “mail Participaction,” in reference to a past government public fitness campaign.

Merry Christmas, Seniors. Get out your walkers! Get out your wheelchairs! Get some fresh air! Just avoid the ice and snow in winter when you’re going to the community mailbox, and you’ll be FINE!

I suspect Mr Chopra is going to be locked up at his office to prevent any further stupid comments like this. Peter MacKay.. I’m not sure he can help himself. Harper’s PMO must be having nightmares right now; here Parliament is out of session, and yet their bad publicity with Moore, Harper and Chopra has increased scrutiny, not decreased it.


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  • jrkrideau

    Sell “a bit of property”? The homeless usually don’t have a lot of RRSP’s or GIC’s to cash in or even a PEI cottage to sell. And, to be a bit snarky, the resale value of used grocery carts is not high.

    McKay’s remark reminds me of the “Let them eat cake” line. He clearly has no clue about the poor and the homeless.

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