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Moral of the James Moore story?

The moral of this story is: when reporters are asking questions and getting replies from Conservative Cabinet Ministers, I’d advise to make sure they have recorded audio of the conversation, so the aforementioned Cabinet Minister can’t weasel their way out of whatever embarrassing or controversial comment they said by claiming they never said it or was taken out of context:

“Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.”

With that throwaway line at the end of a brief encounter with a B.C. radio reporter, federal Conservative cabinet minister and potential leadership aspirant James Moore triggered a wave of online criticism that he at first rebuffed, saying he was misquoted. But a day later, following calls from child poverty advocates and the Official Opposition to apologize, Moore issued an abject apology and ducked requests for interviews…

Moore objected on Twitter that he’d been taken out of context, calling the story “quite ridiculous,” declining calls to apologize. The reporter countered Moore’s claim: “It’s on tape and taken directly in context. I asked the questions about child poverty, those were the answers.” The radio station posted raw audio of the interview. Moore deleted his comments from his Twitter account but such postings are retained by online tracking sites.

Getting audio of course, would mean reporters are actually getting future interviews or answers from Conservative cabinet ministers.. I suspect those won’t be forthcoming any time soon.


1 comment to Moral of the James Moore story?

  • Curtis YYC

    “Moore objected on Twitter that he’d been taken out of context …”

    Pity that a member of the party that mastered the ‘art’ of innuendo, casting ridiculous aspersions, and tossing out-of-context quotes should feel that he, evidence to the contrast notwithstanding, was quoted out of context. Ya. Karma is a bitch. Suck it up Moore.

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