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JT: Avoid Pitfalls/Continue Practising What You Preach On Cooperative Government

So does anyone read anything these days about that women’s night fundraiser and some of Justin Trudeau’s comments on China at it that some media and political partisans tried to turn into a firestorm?

Not really. The recent by-election successes of the LPC and the continuing (ever continuing) firestorm on the Senate has pushed that completely off the news cycle. That said, it is a warning to JT and his advisers/organizers need to be more aware and conscious of future events and how things get worded. The continued good polling for the LPC and JT has a big bulls-eye painted on the leader and the party, with political operatives and hostile media waiting to pounce on anything even remotely controversial in an effort to get it to stick. Even though the public has so far over looked these controversies and continues to send JT and the LPC continued general good-will/approval, one cannot assume the goodwill is limitless if these would be continually popping up.

That is why it’s good to see Mr. Trudeau do some very proactive, reasonable things, such as the reasonable statement in a CTV interview, saying it was more important right now for Harper to answer what was going on in the Senate then it was to call for his resignation at the present, and invite back-bencher Conservative MP Michael Chong to a Liberal Party caucus meeting – a very rare move – to discuss his Private Members bill on Parliamentary Reform and argue the merits of it.

Efforts to reach out like this, and to make reasonable statements like this, is what will keep JT in good stead with the Canadian voting public and act as a continuing buffer to attacks. I hope to see more moves like this.


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