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Another poll to take at face value

Ipsos-Reid was the only pollster last month that showed the three federal parties in a three way tie and the NDP at the 30% mark. This of course was immediately seized upon by my NDP colleagues – I can’t say I blame them really; though the fact they ignored every other pollster that didn’t show this was a tad amusing.

Anyhow, I quote this month’s poll not because I like its numbers (though I do) or because I like its methodology (it uses internet panels, which I’m about as leery on as I am with IVR that Forum uses), but because it now has started to reflect other polling done by other pollsters:

If a federal election were held tomorrow, here’s how the vote breakdown would look like among decided voters. (The difference since the end of October is shown in brackets):

Liberals: 35 per cent (+4)
Conservatives: 29 per cent (-1)
New Democrats: 26 per cent (-5)
Bloc Quebecois: 6 per cent (unchanged)
Green Party: 3 per cent (+1)
Other: 1 per cent

The numbers suggest that “the soft NDP vote is starting to rally” behind Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his party, according to Ipsos Reid. The Liberals are now leading in three battleground provinces: Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, according to the poll.

This poll won’t make the NDP very happy – judging from their fury at being taken to task this past week by Justin Trudeau over them losing their moniker as being the party of hope, I suspect NDP’ers might be downright snarly. It also doesn’t show a lot of roses for the Harper Conservatives; the Senate scandal is still resonating out there and reflecting badly on them, despite the wishes and declarations of some of their conservative allies in the media like Margaret Wente declaring the scandal to be over.


6 comments to Another poll to take at face value

  • Tom

    This is supposed to be Progressive Bloggers. Not shills for the Liberal Party.

    • This isn’t Progressive Bloggers.. this is my personal site – created specifically years ago so I could opine on topics and not have it look as if Progressive Bloggers endorses my particular point of view (seeing as I’m the site administrator there).

      On the other hand, if you don’t like the fact it’s showing up on Progressive Bloggers you need to check the blogroll – plenty of Liberal blogs there (and NDP and a Green or 2, and non-partisan, and even a Red Tory blog, tho those are rare these days) There are plenty of Liberals (or liberals) hold progressive points of view and feel the Liberal Party can be and is a progressive party, despite some NDP’ers claims to holding that monopoly.

  • Goran

    ……….despite the wishes and declarations of some of their conservative allies in the media like Margaret Wente declaring the scandal to be over.

    That is because it IS over. The ones that are under investigation and potentially the ones that can be charged are no longer part of the Tory caucus. The Tories are going to weather this one as well it seems.

  • Tom

    As if the Liberals never clinged to a poll that showed them in a favourable light. It’s really interesting that the most popular blogger here is an NDP supporter. It’s probably because he’s not a partisan hack like I see in most of the grits at PG. You might want to remember who your audience is here for fear of losing it.

    • Kyle H

      Not every reader of ProgBlogs is a Dipper, Tom – and even if they were, I would have thought better that the NDP might allow some alternative opinion in now and again. Seems maybe I shouldn’t have.

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