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Can someone pay a pollster other then Forum to re-poll the Mayor Ford approval rating?

I’m rather skeptical of those numbers – or any numbers – that Forum polls after last night. The Manitoba ridings were way off, as you might have seen. The Ontario #’s were slightly better; they can claim to be within the MOE at least in those races, though not as close as they’d like, I’m sure, but their polls performed erratically and inconsistently, and I’m looking forward to Forum’s post-mortem analysis (if there is any).

Anyhow.. I’d be posting a detailed analysis of how they did, but Eric Grenier has already done it for me.. so go read him there.

Anyhow.. bottom line.. it was still a great night for the Liberals, despite narrowly missing Brandon-Souris, and a staunch warning to the Conservatives.. AND the NDP. They can belittle JT all they wish about having not enough substance, or try to make a mountain out of a molehill and hope the mud sticks, but so far, it appears the public hasn’t in a general basis accepted those attacks.

Further thought: I think last night showed a lot of Canadians don’t pay whats going on – good or bad – in Question Period. They read/watch the news and make their judgments on parties/leaders that way.


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  • kevin

    I agree that the attack ads are a piss poor way to run any type of campaign. i hate too see any party resorting to running down the other candidates. They should run on their record or a solid platform of what they plan to do( which usually ends up being the opposite and thats why voters feel they cant trust any of them)
    Here is the main issue I have with the CPC attack ad on Justin. They say he has no plans to create jobs and they talk about the marijuana issue.
    But there is a hidden job creation plan there
    What they fail to realise is that once he legalizes pot the junk food industry will need double the amount of people to manufacture the increased demand due to the munchies. Also we will need to hire more ER doctors an nurses as stoned people will always be fumbling about and getting hurt. And as no one is responsible for their own actions we will also need more lawyers and judges to sue anyone and everything with in sight. I am also sure that funeral homes will be busier too as either those stoner’s will either kill them selves driving or some one else.
    So essentially Justin is creating all kinds of manufacturing and professional jobs.

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