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Forum Polling Updated (in 2 ridings) for the byelections on Monday

Consider this a continuation of last blogpost, where I said I’d update the post if Forum came out with 1 last quickie update. I figured it just was better to post the new numbers here:

In brief: Toronto-Centre and Brandon were re-polled today. Bourassa and Provencher were not – their #’s from the prior blog remain the last polling #’s Forum has on those two ridings.

Toronto-Centre’s new polling #’s are: LPC 47, NDP 39, CPC 11, GP 3% (MOE: +/- 4%)
Brandon-Souris’s new polling #’s are: LPC 59%, CPC 30%, NDP 6%, GP 5% (MOE: +/- 5%)

TC’s #’s indicate finally the evidence that it was tightening, as NDP’ers on social media have claimed. I’ve no idea what to make of Liberal Rolf Dinsdale’s #’s out in Brandon. A 29% found lead is eye-popping in that riding… and Forum better be right on it, or they’ll lose any credibility they have. Why the other 2 ridings weren’t polled isn’t spoken to by Forum.

Who turns out to vote is obviously key in all of these, particularly with these new #’s.


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