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Amazing how the news cycle works.

The RCMP releases their investigation notes on the Mike Duffy Senate Scandal from an officer explaining his thoughts on what he thinks so far of the investigation…. and 2 days later, you’d never even known anything was going on in Toronto with Rob Ford. He’s almost completely disappeared from the news and social media. I’m sure the Harper Government was hoping Ford would carry on his ridiculous antics for at least a day or 2 more.. though I doubt this latest news from the RCMP would have been overshadowed either way.

The latest in QP from today is detailed by Macleans here, and a story from CBC how Harper “ducked” answering specific inquiries from reporters today

Note: I had recently posted a quote in a blogpost that supposedly came from Opposition Leader Harper during the Gomery Affair. After some queries from some readers, I’ve investigated, and determined it to have come from someone else, but which has apparently widely been attributed online incorrectly to PM Harper. My apologies for posting that and incorrectly attributing it to him.


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