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A further note to Premier Wynne: Why the foot-dragging on Ranked Ballot for Toronto?

As an aside to this blogpost’s main point,  this would also be a good time to ask Premier @Kathleen_Wynne (her twitter address, if you were wondering) to allow Toronto  to use ranked ballot for electing mayors in elections, as was passed by council and which they  they requested, and which has been sitting at Queen’s Park for 5 months now, and which according to Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail, has been deemed by the Premier’s Office or government  officials not to be a “priority”.

I find this, quite honestly, astonishing.  This crisis gives them as good a political cover as any to help pass it. (though I dont see why they’d need it) to pass that reform for electing Mayors in Toronto. It might not expressly stop a candidate like Ford from winning, but it certainly makes sure that any candidate running in a multiple candidate race will win with more then 50% of the vote.

The next question might be; why are they stonewalling on this? Do they fear it might work and there might be calls to implement it elsewhere, or provincially?

Toronto is as good a test case as any to see how it operates (and it’s been used by federal and provincial parties to elect leaders, so it’s not like they don’t know how it works).  It’s time to stop stonewalling on this, Ontario Liberals – whoever it is, be it the Premier, be it Cabinet, or the staffers in the Premier’s Office – and allow Toronto to change their voting system (and if its the opposition parties who  oppose it, let them explain why they wish to prevent Toronto from doing a change in voting setup – which passed with a clear majority from all sides of the political fence).

It isn’t going to make things any worse than the circus going on at City Hall right now,  I can promise you.


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