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You know ratings must be bad at SunTV when..

You may have heard of the saying, “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”. That saying may be too charitable for what has just occurred at QMI media, better knows as the organization that runs the Sun Media Chain and Sun TV.

Their editorial board came out strongly against Rob Ford the other day, calling on him to resign/step down.. yet about a day or two later, we find out SunTV has revived Rob and Doug Ford’s broadcast careers by giving them a new TV show on Sun, and now they’re trying to reassure everyone on the print media side from one of their main writers that everything is ok – they still want Rob Ford to go – but apparently its no big deal about the TV stuff.

I wonder who came up with this silly idea; did some genius at Sun TV decide that with ratings in the dumper, this might be the train wreck show they need to revive interest? Did the Fords approach Sun?

Regardless of whose idea it was – I’ve no doubt the show will get a lot of people watching it at the start to see what dumb statements or excuses the Fords come up with – not the least US late night talk show writers, who the Fords have given constant material of late, and who show no signs of stopping that latest Canadian export.

EDIT: Fortunately, due to CRTC rules, the show will be mercifully short-lived.


1 comment to You know ratings must be bad at SunTV when..

  • Levant & the Ford brothers. Oh my.

    The Toronnto libel and slander lawyers are already drafting people from the rest of Canada.

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