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Potential Policy Priorities for a Potential New Liberal Government

I found this interesting; one of the Toronto LPC riding associations put forth a list of policy resolutions over the weekend and sounds like it asked their member what should be top priority for a new LPC government to implement. I have a copy of the preliminary paper which lists everything that was discussed, but I’ll refrain from posting it online for now, as I understand several of these were combined in subsequent revisions. If I get my hands on a “final copy” and I’m permitted to do so, I’ll post that.

Until then however, I can post what my “Top 3 Priorities” would be from looking at this list, and what I’d hope a new LPC government would move on first:

3) Electoral Reform  – a rather broad statement, but specifically, Justin Trudeau has stated he supports changing our current vote setup to “Preferential Ballot” for elections with MP’s. (Proportional representation was apparently defeated at this riding vote, and preferential ballot, which is the party’s stated position on electoral reform, was endorsed).

2) Restoration Of the Long Form Census – a no-brainer for me. We’ve seen reports about how the “voluntary” one was barely filled out and the “data” from it deemed unreliable and useless, even from Statistics Canada.

1) National Childcare Program – restoring what Paul Martin brought in with the provinces that Harper and his ideological government killed back in 2006 would also be a priority. Sending out 100$ a month  or whatever it is not a childcare solution.


3 comments to Potential Policy Priorities for a Potential New Liberal Government

  • jrkrideau


    Well since the Cons squandered the Chretien/Martin surplus and just are getting back there now your point is?

    By the way, that surplus is partly achieved by shafting Canadian Forces veterans.

    And apparently most of the ‘surplus’ is from lapses–translated that means the government did not spend program dollars it was supposted to — how many other groups are getting shafted so the Cons can look good?

  • Harkov

    #1 So it is to be tax raises to pay for this. And you talk about “ideological”? Whatever.

    Or will you get the money from this –

    Your party isn’t even there yet, and ALREADY you are talking about another billion(s) dollar pet project boondoggle. Gee, can’t wait.

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