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In remembrance on Remembrance Day

This will be the first Remembrance Day where I will have to remember both of these fine gentlemen/grandparents, as both have passed on -  Flying Officer Le Verne Haley on the left (passed in 2012), Sergeant Stanley Tribe (Army) on the right (passed away this year) – Gr Haley’s pic was taken in Charlottetown PEI before he was posted to England – Gr Tribe was in  in England.  There was an interesting contrast between the two; my Grandpa Haley would always, as long as he was healthy, participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies in full uniform, and has written about his war experiences (which we always find fascinating to read) plus left a tonne of photos behind. My Grandpa Tribe, on the other hand, barely mentioned his service, and it was a long time before he even got the specialized licence plate with the poppies on it to indicate he was a veteran.  I was never sure whether he really didn’t think he merited the attention, or if he’d had a bad experience.I’m sure there are still a few vets like him who felt the same way: it was their duty, and they went.

The remaining veterans of WWII are dying off, I read, at the rate of several hundred a day on average. Make sure you remember the folks who are gone, and give a hearty clap/shake of the hand to those who still remain to let them know that their service is honoured, and we will and do remember – and not just in Remembrance Day

Flight Officer GrHaley Sgt Grandpa Tribe


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