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Apparently, the courts are the new enemy of Senate reform

So says the Prime Minister to his party faithful at their Calgary convention:

“We were blocked by the other parties in the minority parliaments, and now we are being blocked in the courts,” said Harper in a lengthy keynote speech to the Conservative party faithful Friday night….Harper’s designating “the courts” as an enemy appeared to stem from a decision last week by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which ruled reforms such as elections to select senators or term limits could not be legislated unilaterally — as Harper had proposed.

In essence, anyone or any group that tells Stephen Harper he can’t do anything he wants is now the enemy of him and Canada. It wasn’t exactly a contrite speech. I don’t exactly see the point in trying to whip up the party faithful against the judicial system, unless it’s an attempt to make any contrary ruling seem illegitimate – rather ironic, since Harper and his party sent the Senate reform/abolition question to the Supreme Court for reference, asking what the constitutional and legal boundaries are for reform or abolition.

This surely can’t be an attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court into giving him a reference more favourable to his government’s interpretation of what the government can or cant do with the Senate, can it?


2 comments to Apparently, the courts are the new enemy of Senate reform

  • kwittet

    I find it very sad that our Parliaments time is being wasted on this instead of running important business that Canadians expect. I would say its time for all of them to go. Turf Harper and his whole cabinet as well as any Liberals and NDP that are keeping this going. If these assholes cant see that we pay them to run the country and not waste on this senate crap then they all need to have their asses turfed.

  • rockfish

    What a machavellian jackass. Remember how, perched on the brink of winning his first election, he tried to placate those worried about the Harper agenda by saying “the courts will be there” to protect Canadians? Now, knowing that Canadians are typically on occasion enraged by a judge’s decision somewhere, he tries to leverage that into demonizing the courts. NOt one ounce of contrition from the man who selected these weiners, along with a bunch more who are just not attracting the headlines.
    A lot of these three senators’ problems stem from some expectations he assigned them, along with the 50-odd others he’s appointed in the past six years. Raise money from the base, echo our talking points, and create havoc when we don’t get our way.
    That the media refuses to connect the dots between this incident of Harper’s character and all the past transgressions — Cadman affair, in-and-out, prorogation, robocalls, income trust flip-flop, anti-democratic actions left and right, his disregard for Canadian electorate in how he sprung pension reform, etc etc… it makes me puke.

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