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My brief comments on the ongoing Conservative Senate Saga Scandal

You might have noticed I’ve not said much on the continuing allegations/bombshells being dropped in the Senate these days – with more bombs on additional cheques and PMO and PM involvement being dropped/alleged by ex-Con Senator Mike Duffy today.

At this point, I don’t really have much to add that you haven’t already read at other blogs (go to the aggregators Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers for a nice long list of those) and news sites. I’m just buying the popcorn at a steady pace and enjoying the show and the misery that a scorned Senator (or Senators) wrath is inflicting on Harper and the CPC.

I will say though this: the prorogation strategy of keeping Parliament out an extra 6 weeks doesn’t look so great for Harper and the CPC, and somewhere tonight, Stephane Dion is probably quietly smiling that the Duffy worm has turned.


1 comment to My brief comments on the ongoing Conservative Senate Saga Scandal

  • Think about it, Duffy calls the cons and tells them he has video of Dion messing up in Halifax and cuts his deal.

    I want to be a senator.

    Imagine how powerful he must of felt, after all those years of dealing with these Ottawa politicians.

    He is the king maker in his mind and a patriot in the inbred reformers.

    And then they try mess with him.


    Today he threatened to tell the whole story and it ain’t about cheques.

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