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More encouraging polls for the Liberals

Two polls come to us today – from two separate pollsters. The first I highlight comes from Forum Research, where voter preference and voter switching is looked at, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals lead in the net-gain of votes:

The poll, conducted by Forum Research, says that one third of people who voted NDP in the past federal election would vote Liberal if an election were held today. In fact, 45 per cent of NDP voters in total would switch their votes to another party. Twenty-five per cent of Conservative voters would switch their vote – 17 per cent of them would change it to Liberal. “These results will propel the Liberals towards a majority or at least a very strong minority,” said Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research. “And these results will erase 10 years of NDP progress and put them into a distant third-party status.”

As I say with other Forum Research polls, it comes from Forum Research, who need a few accurate polls with regards to an election to get myself and others to be more confident in their numbers – whether it be a good or bad result for that party we support. However, they have some backing to their findings with a new poll from Nanos Research, probably the most trusted of the Canadian pollsters these days for accuracy:

Liberal support is the highest it has been since the summer of 2009, when Michael Ignatieff took over the leadership, according to the latest tracking numbers by Nanos Research..The Nanos weekly ballot tracking has Liberal national support at 37 per cent. The Conservatives are second at 29 per cent, the NDP is third at 23 per cent and the Green Party is fourth at five per cent

Good numbers for the Liberals in both polls, and both were taken before the latest Senate scandal revelations from Mike Duffy et al., so we’ll see how those affect the polling numbers. It is still a ways yet before an election, but Justin Trudeau’s “honeymoon” is now an extended one, and it may now be more then a honeymoon; he may be devleoping a pleasant marriage with Canadian voters that can sustain him til the next election campaign, but only time and events will tell.

UPDATE @ 5:25 pm: Forum comes out with a poll this day that gives actual party #’s, another one that gives good Liberal numbers:

As the Senate scandal’s shadow grows larger over Parliament Hill, the ruling Conservatives are falling further behind the resurgent Liberals among voters.A new Forum Poll for National Post suggests that if an election were held today, the Liberals would win a large minority government under Justin Trudeau. Four-in-10 of Canadians surveyed would vote Liberal in the new poll, compared to 28% for the Tories and 20% for the NDP, the current official Opposition. The poll projects the Grits winning 146 seats in the House, nine short of a majority, to the Conservatives’ 104. The NDP would drop significantly to 47 seats.


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  • rockfish

    My stars, it’s too early to be giddy but these poll no. are enticing, eh? Of course, the dank caves of CON central remain plush with schemes in which to drive those numbers, and interest, down. And the bearded gargoyle would love nothing better than to help. But until then…

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