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Another Liberal blogging colleague takes the political plunge

It appears to be the week Liberal political bloggers have decided to make the jump from blogging into running for office. This time, it’s Nancy Leblanc, who has been a longtime Liberal blogger at Impolitical. She has announced her attempt to win the provincial nomination for the Ontario Liberals in Parkdale-High Park:

Early in her career, Nancy practiced in a downtown Toronto law firm, McMillan Binch, and then worked as an educator, teaching law at Osgoode Hall Law School, George Brown College, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology.Nancy currently employs her considerable policy, legal and governance experience providing research, strategic advice and recommendations for corporate governance and board-of-director reforms, to corporations as a partner in a governance consulting firm. Currently, Nancy is a member of the Board of Directors of the Parkdale Community Foodbank.

..Nancy has led successful political blogging and commentary since 2005 (over 8,000 posts), in her widely read blog, Impolitical, and is active on social media advocating on public policy issues of interest to media, observers, progressive Liberals and of concern to residents in Parkdale–High Park.

I’ve known Nancy online for a long time and have met her at several blogging and political events. I know she would make a great progressive Liberal MPP, (in a party that can use a few more progressive MPP voices), so I wish her the best of luck. (Here are some other endorsers of Nancy who are a bit more important then me – the list is impressive).


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