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A little shout out to an old blogging colleague running for a Liberal nomination

A brief blogpost on this day to wish my old blogging colleague and fellow Liberal, Jason Cherniak, the best of luck as he runs for the Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill:

Mr. Cherniak has shown his leadership skills in a variety of ways, as vice-president communications for the Liberal Party of Canada’s Ontario division, past president of the Rotary Club of Richmond Hill and president of the Richmond Hill Federal Liberal Association. In addition, Mr. Cherniak serves on the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce government affairs committee and advocates for the preservation of the David Dunlap Observatory.

Not mentioned here is that Jason was the original founder of Liblogs, the Liberal blogging aggregate back in 2005, not long after Progressive Bloggers was formed, and he also had his own political blog. His blog was a member of Prog Blog, but he felt there should be a blogging aggregate specifically for Liberal bloggers as well. He doesn’t run that anymore, passing that along a couple of years back, but still being the founder is worth something, and it still is with us today.

Sometimes, we in the political blogging community who are party supporters get accused of pontificating too much and not doing more hands-on stuff. I’m not in agreement with that opinion – as not all of us are suited to do internal party politicking, and it’s good, I feel to have a bit of an external voice looking in, but it’s nice to see someone jump from writing about what they feel should be done to actually trying to do something about it.

Even as being a fellow Liberal, I’ve not been always in agreement with Jason on certain issues, but I acknowledge he remains a strong supporter of the LPC being proactive in social media: that the blogging netroots should not be ignored by their party leaders, should be encouraged, and are a good indicator of what the party’s roots (or netroots) feel about certain topics.

I wish him the best in his seeking the nomination. His opening event is today, as the paper indicates, and I’m sure more events are to come.


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