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Trying to change the Senate channel

The Senate scandals have badly damaged the Harper government, which is what happens when hand-picked Senators decide they can do whatever they want on ethics and spending. As a result, desperate to find a distraction, the Conservatives have decided to latch on to a “consumers-first” agenda; trying to paint itself as the defender of consumers in Canada everywhere.

This is an obvious attempt to blunt the “middle-class” focus Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been pushing the last year; and its apparent in this new Ekos poll:

At just 26 points in a national poll taken late last week, Harper’s party is lagging well behind the revitalized Liberals, which has seen a stable lead develop since Justin Trudeau took office. At 10 points back of the Liberals, Harper now only has to cast his gaze sideways to see a resurgent NDP in a virtual tie, with their leader, Thomas Mulcair, showing impressive gains in approval and party support.

The official numbers are LPC 36, CPC 26, NDP 25. It would be quite stunning if the CPC were to fall to 3rd place in ANY poll; not something I’ve seen in a long time – hence their sudden decision to become concerned over consumers.

If they bring forth policies that benefit consumers, I see no reason why progressives wouldn’t support the policies, but proof is in the pudding. The Senate scandals aren’t going to go away however, just because the Harper government might try to wish them away.


2 comments to Trying to change the Senate channel

  • kwittet

    Scott…have you been smoking some of that weed that Justin was into?
    Seriously you need to take off those dark red tinted glasses and take a long hard look and what you are saying.
    First off…you claim to not trust polls >>unless of course they show your beloved party holding a lead then they
    are gospel to you.
    Resurgent NDP?? You should read Kinsellas article in the SUN. He says they are on the down turn.
    I find it very hard to understand why anyone who actually gives a crap about the senate scandal ties Mike Duffy
    and the others (wait …isn’t Harb a Liberal?…sorry…i digress) but seriously. The fact that he was appointed by Harpo
    doesn’t mean that he has one iota of control or runs his expenses by Harper before he submits them.
    To me this reflects only on the individuals involved and has NOTHING to do with party affiliation. The reason why this
    is still news and a major deal still is tabloid sensationalism by every conservative hating medium.
    Unless they find that Harper directly told any senator to lie cheat and steal the blame lands firmly and only in the lap of
    the individuals involved. It really is sad that Canadians are more concerned about this trivial topic instead of focussing on
    more urgent things like the economy and reducing the debt.

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