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Watching the events down south

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. In my family’s household, the tradition is to hold the big turkey dinner on the Sunday and make turkey soup from the leftovers on Monday… and that tradition continues today.

Today.. I’ve been following the budget events in the US on their “Columbus Day” with interest. It appears that the not-so-crazy Republicans in the Senate are desperately trying to find a face-saving measure with the Senate Democrats, trying to avoid a US default on this Thursday – a default caused by the far-right in the House of Representatives egged on by a couple of Tea-Party Senators trying to ransom the US and world economies to defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare)

It appear as of this post that a deal is close in the Senate.. the question will be whether John Boehner, the totally ineffective Speaker in the House of Reps, will be able to sell it in his caucus (he reportedly won’t bring anything forward for a vote until he has a majority of his own party supporting it… too politically hot for him if he relies on only the Democrats and a tiny moderate minority of moderate Republicans in the House to help pass it).

Polls show that the US public overwhelmingly blames the Republicans for this mess.. but the Tea Party Reps are in gerrymandered districts where that negative swing is unlikely to affect them or their voting popularity. Right now, the fate of the US default and the economic consequences it brings rests in the hands of a Speaker more afraid of the Tea Party faction causing him to lose his Speakership then he is of the congressional elections next year.


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