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Some more Ontario Liberal stuff I cringe at

Stuff like this is why, even though I like Kathleen Wynne, I’m not exactly running to renew my OLP membership card:

Premier Kathleen Wynne is “deliberately dismantling” protections for everything from Crown land to prized species like polar bears, snapping turtles and lake sturgeon, Ontario’s environmental watchdog warns.In his 190-page annual report, Gord Miller sounded the alarm over an “obscure” change in last spring’s budget that allows Wynne’s cabinet to delegate powers over government-owned wilderness to private companies. That paves the way for “wide open exploitation” of Ontario’s north without proper checks and balances to safeguard wildlife and precious natural resources, the environmental commissioner charged…

I see a pattern here related to the Scarborough subway fiasco.. trying to pander to get votes in key ridings. In that case, they decided to go against their own Light Rail Transit plan to go with a more expensive, less route subway because Scarborough residents (see – voters) think they’re being somehow shafted because Rob Ford whines so much that trains suck, subways rule.

In the north, the pandering is designed to try to win seats from the NDP, and the environment is getting shafted as a result. It’s a long standing grievance of mine with the OLP going back to when Mcguinty was in power, and it has remained.. and not getting any better. Don’t expect any action to slow down and do this more responsibly tho; the PC”s under Hudak claim they’d allow things to be developed even faster than what the OLP’s schedule is.


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  • SD

    I do like it when people can be critical of their own parties. Thanks for your comment.

    I do think that Kathleen Wynne will call an election next spring. The Ontario Liberals will be ready for the next election. Andrea Horwath’s NDP will still not be ready.

    I picture the next Ontario election to be like the last Toronto mayoral election where the candidates were lousy. Rob Ford was the best of a bad lot. Provincially, I think Kathleen Wynne will win with a majority because she will be the best of a bad lot.

    Tim Hudak is scary! He will likely scare more voters away than gain new supporters.

    Andrea Horwath will likely run a haphazard campaign by running on disjointed issues such as auto insurance and some financial accountability office. However, she will not have an overall theme for her campaign. Also, Ms. Horwath has been lukewarm for her support for labour including teachers.

    Kathleen Wynne will get her majority because she will likely have some overall theme. She won’t be scary like Tim Hudak. She is changing some environmental regulations. However, if these do not impact voters directly, she will likely get support from people who want jobs.

    Kathleen Wynne and her Ontario Liberals will win the next election by default. None of the parties will inspire the voters. I do think that voter turnout will go further below 50%.

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