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All in a diplomatic day’s work

So in one single day, we’ve managed to offend the Maldives, take potshots at the Commonwealth (and have some normally friendly Commonwealth allies reproach us), and get into a diplomatic ruckus with Brazil over possible Canadian economic spying (on Brazilian mines and energy – why doesn’t that surprise me?).

John Baird and Stephen Harper must be a tad bored or something. I think prorogation needs to end fairly soon here, else we’re not going to have anyone left to get into a snit with (we still like the La Francophonie organization, right?).


1 comment to All in a diplomatic day’s work

  • kwittet

    In regards to the Maldives…ALLEGATIONS HERE until now 99 percent of the population has never heard of it…but i am sure it took some digging to find it so you could make your tiny haystack. great Job Scott

    Taking potshots at the common wealth…good…Sri Lanka has serious issues and if this is what it takes to get there attention then good. I know you Liberals would love to just give all of them a big hug and it would make every thing all right but make sure you dont get stabbed in the back while giving that feel good hug.

    Brazil..i know it goes against your expert journalism Scott but your post implys that we have all ready been found guilty and the trial is over..i think in the link you provided i read the word..ALLEGATIONS. Nuff said

    I am really concerned about what is happening here at home and the fact that the provincial Liberals lied so bad to us about gas plant cancellations for political gain….
    TOTAL COST (WASTE) 1.1 BILLION dollars

    now thats news Scott

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