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Obamacare: why far-right Republicans are trying to stop it

They aren’t trying to stop it by shutting down the US Government because of the devastation and damage it will bring to the US, as their hyperbole claims (never mind that the conservative Heritage Institute advocated this type of setup in the 90’s and former Mass. governor and last Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney DID institute this kind of setup in Massachusetts, and by all accounts it works very successfully), they’re trying to stop it because they’re afraid Americans will get on the health exchanges and pass along more stories like this one sample of a few stories there from people who’ve looked Obamacare and the insurance exchanges over:

Just went to ObamaCare and filled in the information and I am going to get insurance much cheaper. Was paying 1,600 a month for years because I have a pre-existing condition and then because of some life changes I couldn’t afford it anymore so have been waiting and praying to be healthy until I could sign up. Starts at $243 a month so now I am going to decide on the plan! I can manage this!!!

The Republicans have a right to be afraid of Obamacare, but not because of it being a disaster, but because people will find out the scaremongering is a bunch of bull and it will actually benefit them more then not. I still think the system is far too beholden to the insurance companies, and I of course prefer our Canadian single-payer universal system, where the insurance companies are entirely out of the equation, but I think this is a good starting block/step headed in that direction (another reason the Republicans fear it).

People and voters who like something and find out it benefits their lives and saves the money doing it won’t be voting for a party that has tried repealing it 40+ times and just instituted a US government shutdown over trying to blackmail the President and the Senate to dismantle/destroy Obamacare.


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  • monkey

    It may be popular, but at the moment depending on which poll you believe, the public is pretty split and it is opposed by many. The problem with a Canadian style health care is Americans unlike Canadians have a much larger aversion to bigger government and so politically it just wouldn’t fly. Also the start-up could have some problems as the US unlike Canada at the time medicare was introduced has a high deficit/debt so to avoid a credit downgrade they would have to make big cuts elsewhere. The other issue is the insurance industry employs millions of Americans and only those on the board of directors make big bucks. Those who fill out the policies are middle class and those at the administrative or secretary level make below average wages and so throwing a whole bunch of people out of work wouldn’t go over well. By contrast when Canada established medicare, our insurance industry was mostly foreign owned so the job losses were quite small compared to the benefits. The US has always had a much more libertarian streak than Canada so the success of the tea party is just really a manifestation of that. Most Americans lean in that direction they just aren’t purists like the tea party just as most Canadians lean towards socialism, they just aren’t purists like the NDP are.

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